Alice and Bob Hing's Family

Date:   8/22/1997     Location:   Lake Mohonk, New York
Note:   Alice & Bob Hing with Gregory, Rebecca, Roberta, Elizabeth, Jennifer and Valerie.

Date:  8/23/1997    Location:   Lake Mohonk, New York
Note:  Tom Rooks, Jennifer, Jean Marie, Pete McNellis, Spencer & Gregory.

Date:  8/22/1997    Location:   Lake Mohonk, New York
Note:  Belle Rooks, Fred Rooks, Tom Rooks, Greg Hing, Alice Hing, Jean Marie, Pete McNellis, Spencer, Billy Cleary, Liam Cleary, Roberta, Liz, Jim Diao, Bob, Rebecca, Jennifer, Bidan Cleary, Valerie.

Date:  1998    Location:   Seattle, Washington
Note:  Greg, Valerie, Roy Diao, Rebecca, Tom Rooks, Jennifer, Alice, Bob, Catalina Morris , Pete McNellis, Liz, Roberta, Aidan, Billy Cleary, Margarita Morris.

  Date:  5/20/1998   Location:    Scottsdale, Arizona
 Note:   Jarod Hing, Baby of Greg & Jean Marie Hing

 Date:  5/25/1998   Location:    Tuscon, Arizona
 Note:  Ryan McNellis, Baby of Liz Hing & Pete McNellis

  Date:  April, 1998   Location:   Newtonville, MA
  Note:   Liam Cleary, Son of Aidan and Billy Cleary