Margot Wei's photographs

Date:         1996 
Location:  Baltimore, Maryland 

Date:    ? 
Location:    ?
Note:    Margot & Ben Wei with Barara, Sue and Deb and their families.

Date:    1997, summer 
Location:  Rockville,  Maryland 
Note:   At a Chinese senior citizen gathering, the three sisters Yi Fen, Yi Hsien, and Yi Chen (Margo) were on stage singing Karioke.  This photograph was taken by a local newspaper phographer and was published on the local peper.
Date:   193? 
Location:  Beijing, China 
Note:   At residence in YenChing University,
Date:   1939
Location:   Beijing, China
Note:  Family photo taken at downtown Beijing.
Date:  1935
Location:   Peitaho, China
Note:  Summer vacation on the beach.
Date:    1934
Location: Beijing, China
Note:  In front of residence at LangRunYuan, Yenching University. 
Date:  1944
Location:  Beijing, China
Note:  In font of residence at TaFoSsu in the city.
Date:      1938
Location:  Beijing, China
Note:  In front of resience in LangRunYuan, Yenching University.