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Hallelujah, descendants of Huie Kin
Whole world our home - America, Europe, Asia
All ethnicity our blood - black, Caucasian, Asian
All profession our pursuit - art, science, medicine
We come together
To celebrate our diversity, our unity

Family Tree

"I left my native village, a rustic of fourteen, my wordly possessions packed in a bamboo basket, carried on my own back, to make my fortune in a new land. I came to America for gold, as many of my cousins had done before me, but I have found riches that never rust and a fortune that cannot be stolen."

-- Huie Kin, Reminiscences

Sixth Family Reunion, Berkeley, California

Save the Date: July 29 - August 1, 2010

Location: Doubletree Hotel and Executive Meeting Center at the Berkeley Marina

The Third (and final) Mailing is underway. Now is the time to reserve your hotel room and send in your Activity Form and additional reunion fees!

REGISTRATION AND FEES PAYMENT - Info on the 2nd reunion fee is here.

BOOK YOUR HOTEL - There are still a few rooms left, but you must book by July 8!


DOWNLOAD: Registration and Volunteer Form.

DOWNLOAD: Activity Form (MS Word doc).

Fifth Family Reunion, Bethesda, Maryland, Aug 2006

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Third Family Reunion, Sturbridge, Massachusetts, Aug 13-17, 1998

Second Family Reunion, Monterey, California, August 1994

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First Family Reunion, Silver Bay, New York, 1978

Huie Kin on the Web

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NPR.org: The Huie Kin Family's Dynasty of Diversity, by Neda Ulaby: a radio story about the 2006 Bethesda Reunion, with excerpts from Huie Kin's memoir, Reminiscences.

NYTimes: See what a search for "Huie Kin" in the New York Times Archives reveals.


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Hosted by: Jim Trigg (grandson of Arthur Kin Huie)

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